In this modern age where we see huge development in industries and communities the usage and demand of water rises and worst of all the supply of is declining rapidly due to the environmental destruction caused by the so called “urbanising rural areas”. While growth is a good thing for the humankind as a whole and considered valuable today growing while caring for nature is the considered the most valuable. In today’s post let’s talk about the Rainwater Harvesting System and how it works.


The name “Rainwater Harvesting” sounds all fancy and sophisticated but actually it’s a very simple mechanism of collecting rainwater for future usage. Let’s take a look at how rainwater harvesting works.


First the rain water falls on the rooftop and goes down the conduits down to the gutters. From the gutters the water is then flushed through a water filter. The initial water flow is used to rinse of the water filter before actually using it.


Later on the water filter begins its work by filtering the water and the harmful stuff apart. The clean water is then gathered to an underground tank where the water is stored for future usage. If the tank gets full there are conduits to remove the excess water from the tank to the environment.


Here at SES Engineering we always look for possibilities to grow our community while keeping the nature barely untouched. That’s why in our latest apartment complex supports rainwater harvesting.